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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I really don't understand...

a great many things. The one that is puzzling me now is why some men and women are so freaked out by homosexuality and lesbianism. I know that I am a fan of the stick shift and no external influence is going to change that.

It seems to me that those people who are so freaked out know that their preferences don't conform to what their religion, society, etc., tell them is acceptable. They assume everyone else has that much angst and are seeking to keep others from being their true selves because they (angsted out ones) can't handle it in their own lives.
I know, others have expressed this better than I.

Blast from the past

I discovered this comic back in the 80's

Dear Friends from Missouri - do you really want this guy representing you?

I know abortion is a heavily charged issue. I may not hold with this guy's beliefs on same subject. What really makes me nuts is this statement that if you are "legitimately raped" then "the female body has ways to shut that down." I mean for fuck's sake that is just nuts.