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Friday, December 28, 2012

I guess I have overcome apathy and am on a roll

and running out of apathy is this

Tom Tomorrow nails it

He nails it with this and then expands it to this


I did a post about politics and facebook friends. I actually had lunch with birther woman who admitted she went over the top as I have to admit I did as well considering it was facebook. As for the other person, I have heard nothing. I did send a Xmas card because I am perverse in that way

Call me crazy

The spokesghoul for the NRA sez call me crazy. My response is yes you are crazy and a sick fuck to boot. How is the death of anyone including 6 year olds acceptable? No one needs high capacity magazines or high velocity weapons.


Absolutely appalling. I have seen some comments about the death penalty and castration. My feelings are that being isolated 24 hours a day for their rest of their sorry ass lives is much worse.