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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I just watched the trailer for "that Movie"

Of course I am speaking of the "The Innocence of the Muslims". The only intent of that piece of drek was a unfortunately successfully attempt by christian extremists to provoke a response from muslim extremists. Christians are just as a capable of protest and violence when there is a film that they find offensive. At least Last Temptation of Christ had better production values even though jesus was a method actor.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A major decison

I admit that I get passionate abour politics - pretty much a flaming lefty. I have a facebook account with all sorts of friends from work or family. It has become difficult this election season with the political differences. I had one friend who unfriended me on facebook (the only reason I could tell was that she no longer appears on my friends list.
I actually unfriended someone whom I used to consider a friend. She was very anti the current President. That's fine, she can have her opinions. However, the level of virtiol was astounding. I though GWB was an asshole but I didn't disrespect the office. That wasn't the case in this person's case. It turns also out she is a birther. I just can't identify with someone who believes that or don't even want to associate with that kind of person
I routinely have lunch with this person and another friend and I had to send an email letting the third party know that i thought there would be an issue. That other person,who didn't know the entire story, was trying to mediate. I just sent that person an email that I though it was too late and that I didn't want to associate with a person who disrepected the office of the president and even more I don't want to associate with a birther. Broke my heart. Monday will see that person's response.