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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meet Huckleberry

He belonged to a friend who had to give him up about 3 months ago. Luckily she had him chipped so when he turned up in the woods and the people who found him brought him to their vet they were able to contact her. She is out of of town for the next couple of weeks so I immediately stepped up to foster him until she gets back. If the reasons still exist for her original decision to give him up, I will definitely try to keep him.
he has worms and has high liver enzymes. This could be due to an infection or rapid weight loss (when she gave him up he weighed 11-12 pounds, he now weighs 6.5). The fact that he eats like pig is a good sign according to my vet. He is also the sweetest cat I have encountered. You pet him and he purrs, you pick him up and he purrs.


Scott said...

Awww! Adorbs!

Li'l Innocent said...

Look how nice he is! Hope you get to keep him, he looks so happy, and you sound so happy!

acrannymint said...

it will depend on how my two other cats react One is almost 17 (male) and the other is 7 (female). Neither are well socialized (mostly my fault but also they were dumped) and Huckleberry is extremely well socialized and according to another friend who cat sit him, he gets along well with other cats (the cat sitter had a 20 year old cat and there were no problems).